Unknown Compounds

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In this lab, three unknown compounds were separated from a mixture and identified by melting point. Unknown mixture #124 has components of acid, base and neutral compound. The compounds were identified by melting point and matched up with the known melting points from a given list. In order to identify the compound it was important to separate by dissolving the mixture in an organic solvent which was not soluble in water, and then extracting the solution first with HCl, and then dilute sodium hydroxide solution. From the separation mixture, the aqueous layer were obtained and labeled as TT-1 (base), TT-2(acid) and TT-3 (neutral) in three different test tubes for later recovery. The procedure steps were followed as indicated which led to the correct identification of the tree compounds. The experimental melting points of acid and base were fairly close to the theoretical melting point. However the melting points of neutral were not as close due to some impurities in the compound. Determination of melting point for sample #124 acid and base were accurate due to no presence of impurities. The base was correctly identified as 5-chloro-2- methoxyaniline with a …show more content…

More specifically, this lab was met in terms of gaining an understanding in separating an acid, base and neutral compound from a mixture and identify through melting point. Overall, the experiment was successful as the acid (benzoic), base (5-chloro-2- methoxyaniline) and neutral (biphenyl) compounds were correctly identified. The separation of mixtures compounds to give pure components is of great importance in chemistry and in specific in organic chemistry. Many synthetic reactions give mixtures of products and it is important to isolate the wanted compound with a precise methodology of extraction and purification. Identification of the compound can always be identified by melting point

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