Unrealistic Beauty

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In today’s society, many companies are setting unrealistic beauty standards. Between modeling and photoshop, women take it upon themselves to look a certain way. This includes having no blemishes, maintaining perfectly white teeth, acquiring no wrinkles, being the perfect height and weight. Surrounded by all of those measures, there is the possibility of women’s self esteem dropping. Of course, on top of achieving these goals, many females feel that makeup is an essential part to feeling good about themselves and fitting in. I think that this is a big problem in our society today, and it should be changed. There has recently been a study where a group of women were presented with some photoshopped photos that were considered, by society, a woman’s ‘perfect body’. This study showed that women of all ages feel…show more content…
“From children 's toys to TV programs, images of the ‘ideal’ body have permeated every level of our visual culture” (Swinson). I think that this is so important in today’s society because people are comparing themselves to a person that is essentially fake. There is so much photoshop that goes into these pictures and this ‘flawless look’ is impossible to achieve. Photoshop is one of many principles that Not only do many women feel that wearing makeup is a modern essential, but they feel that having the high end, expensive brands are the key to achieving the perfect look. Celebrities are people we look up to, and because we look up to them, we would do anything to be like them. Take Blake Lively for example. She is a well known actress, and many people strive to look like her. If looking like her would include buying expensive makeup, we would do it. This could comprise of buying the $54 Naked 3 Palette or the $37 tube of lipstick that is only that expensive because of its brand name, Chanel. When doing research, I was looking at the top ten most expensive brands of makeup, and for example, Smashbox, the
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