Use Of Poetic Devices In Dead To Me

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Paige Downs
Mrs. Dose
English 9
31 January 2023

Love Turns to Anger
Love can often turn to hate and despair. Melanie Martinez’s pop song “Dead to Me” explains that loving somebody can cause hatred. The speaker uses different poetic devices to display to the audience how loving someone can lead to anger and hate, so much to the point of wanting to forget about them. At the beginning of the song, the speaker tells the audience about how she wants to figuratively kill him to forget about him and the anger and hate and hurt she has. As the song progresses, Martinez tells the audience how she feels about her past love interest. “Dead to Me” by Melanie Martinez illustrates how loving someone can often lead to anger by using the poetic devices of symbolism and diction. …show more content…

Symbolism is used to represent the speaker's feelings of hate and anger towards their desired audience. Martinez makes references to funerals and what is associated with them to represent how the speaker feels toward the desired audience. “Rainy days and black umbrellas / Who's gonna save you now / Can you cheat from underground?” (Martinez 5). This part of the song is isolated in the song, illustrating the importance of the stanza. When people generally think of rainy days and black umbrellas, they associate that with funerals. Martinez talks about figuratively killing the pointed audience. Martinez also makes a point of mentioning “cheating underground”, basically saying “Can you cheat if you're dead?” Martinez uses symbolism to get across the speaker's point of telling the pointed audience her anger towards the pointed

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