Valentines Day Film Analysis

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In the most Mexican movie about weddings, Casese quien pueda (2014) Get married if you can Ana Paula (Martha Higareda) takes us into a roller coaster of feelings in this romantic comedy for Valentines Day. Directed by Marco Polo Constandse and starring Higadera herself. This film works in a way that it starts to be a brat but at the end she realize about love and what is really about. The plot is about Ana Paula (Higareda), as a brat, young spoiled girl who have everything in life. Days before the wedding she finds out that her cousin is stealing her fiancé. Ana Paula still wants to get married and her sister Daniela (which is her real life sister named Miri) and Gustavo (Luis Gerardo Mendez) are surprised and mad at her. Which it creates another love story between Gustavo and Daniela in which Daniela is madly in love of Gustavo since kids. One of the things I really enjoy about was the color correction of the movie, it seems like is made in Hollywood but is actually finance by grupo Herdez, Louis Vuitton MX, Videocine and so on. The genre is complicated to understand if you are not Mexican because it has a lot of Mexican words that are difficult to translate or when they do translate it lost the complete meaning. The tone of the movie is kind of childish because of how Higareda is acting and finally she gets in love in a cliché way. I can´t decide if it’s a ¨good¨movie or a ¨genre¨movie because it is new and creative and have the surprise element of Daniela and Gustavo´s

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