Valentine's Day: An Explanation Of Valentines Day

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February 14 is near, some are excited,and some are not but what really is valentines day? How did it start? And why does it exist? There was a celebration in the past done by Romans called Lupercalia a fertility festival. It is a huge gathering of young people and they would take the names of women then put it in a large container and the men would choose them and literally have a sexual relationship. So this is where hearts and cupid came from, a ceremony of open sexuality. What happened was they combined this with a priest named Valentine who secretly performed marriage in the roman times. St. Valentine secretly performed marriages because Emperor Claudius ll prohibited marriage for young men for he believes that bachelor's are better soldiers.…show more content…
After reading this some may think that Valentines day is like a wolf in a sheep's clothing because Valentines day seems like it only originated from a priest who secretly performs marriage but in fact it also came from a celebration where fornications, rapes, and unwanted pregnancies happened but Valentines today isn't some celebration where fornications, and where rapes happens. Yes, sometimes unwanted pregnancies are present but Valentines in this generation is a celebration where one gives love without expecting anything in return.
People today often thinks that Valentines day is a celebration that is exclusive for couples and that you can't celebrate it if you are single but the fact is Valentines is not a celebration made for those who have partners. Valentines was made to give love or to share your love not just with somebody who is special to you but also with the people around you: your friends, family, neighbors, classmates, etc. This is a celebration where you can freely express your love and gratitude towards everyone who made you happy, who made you laugh, and to those who are there to support you when you need it the
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Admiration, infatuation, and regard are temporary feelings. I'm not saying that it's bad to admire or adore someone or something. I'm just saying that these feelings are different from love because love is when you want to make someone happy and expect nothing in return, to give something to someone without expecting anything in return. There is no such thing as perfect relationship because each one of us have different perspectives and comprehension when it comes to things. In a relationship where there are two different people with two different perspectives about things it will definitely lead to disagreements or most of us will define it as lovers quarrel. but don't get me wrong I'm not thinking negatively about relationships it's just that it is bound to happen.
It's just like what I stated earlier that “all of us have different understanding when it comes to love”. It means that all of us have different understanding of what love means and we have different ways on how to express it. So conflicts between relationships is inevitable/certain. But the good news is couple's can take this opportunity of having a conflict to become closer/intimate with each other. They just have to overcome the obstacles together, never give up on each other, have trust with each other, and more importantly patience when it comes to

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