Awakenings Film Analysis

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“Awakenings” is a true-story based film made by Penny Marshall, produced by Walter F. Parkes and Lawrence Lasker, written by Steven Zaillian, and based on the book witten by Oliver Sacks, with the actors led by Mr. Robin Williams and Mr. Robert De Niro, both as the protagonist in the film. Their co-stars are Julie Kavner as the nurse who has a secret affection for Doctor Sayer, portrayed by Willams, Penelope Ann Miller as the daughter of a patient in the hospital and Leonard’s love interest, who is played by De Niro, and Ruth Nelson as Mrs. Lowe, Leonard’s mother. Most drama films portray common problems that make people reflect on their lives. However this film shows it’s viewers that for some people, life is more valuable.
¬¬¬The film showcases the value of human life in forms of the little things that we may oversee in our everyday lives. The people in the film are almost catatonic, but with the help of the newly employed Dr. Sayer, things got better for them. He discovered that these people’s minds are still inside their bodies, thus they are not yet
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But of all people who can appreciate life better, it is them. It is believed that people don’t know a thing’s worth until it is no longer with them. Physical abilities are taken away from them, thus they valued it more than others when it is given back to them in just a brief period of time. During that brief period of time, Leonard who was given by the cure a bit earlier by Dr. Sayer longed for the outside world, since he was stuck in that hospital for more than 30 years. “However, this situation is understandable using the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, that one will continue to strive for higher needs when “basic needs” is already met.” (Lim,
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