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Vaping is purportedly one of the best alternatives to cigarette smoking. A good number of former cigarette smokers have made the switch, flocking to shops like MistHub to try out various kits. But, not a lot of vapers have it easy on the first try. As soon as they start puffing on their new gizmos, they cough. It’s quite unfortunate that several people choose to leave vaping altogether just because of that incident. What’s the Deal With ‘Vaper’s Cough?’ Smokers must realize one thing about vaping: it is not the same as smoking a cigarette. If you have smoked for so long, your lungs have become used (to a certain extent) to the burning tobacco’s fumes. The ‘smoke’ that vapes pump out isn’t smoke from something that’s burned. When people inhale vapor, the body reacts to the new substance by coughing it out. In other words, it tries to get rid of it. There’s a concept that’s at play here, and it’s known as ‘throat hit.’ Understand that e-liquid is comprised mostly of propylene glycol, which gives the characteristic throat hit that vaper crave. For beginners, this effect can be noticeably ‘harsh’ on …show more content…

Among the most major ones is the e-liquid’s nicotine level. It is measured in nicotine per milliliter (ml), shown in either mg or percent. For instance, 11mg or 1.1% nicotine means that the liquid contains 11mg/1.1% nicotine per ml of fluid. The key here is to find out the right nicotine level for you. Most e-liquid vendors would have varying levels of nicotine that fit vapers of different experience and tolerance levels. If you’re a beginner, it would best to start at ‘light’ nicotine levels, then gradually work your way up. The bottom line is the higher the nicotine content in the juice, the stronger the throat hit. It’s all a matter of getting used to new form of inhaling. Vaping is about inhaling vapors, not smoke. The body will naturally try to expel something that’s foreign at first. Give it

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