Vietnamese American Culture Analysis

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The following voice project will discuss second generation Vietnamese Americans struggling with cultural expectations. In this assignment I will be discussing an exploration of experience related to my voice. I visited Kim and her younger sister one weekend to grocery shop and help prepare a traditional Vietnamese meal. They taught some terminology of Vietnamese cuisine, how to make some of these cuisines and how and when to eat them. Growing up as Vietnamese Americans Vietnamese cuisine was very important in their family. It was a way that they held on to their culture and bonded with the family. Preparing meals was a collective effort of the family and one aspect of their culture that they embrace often.
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This is known as the most distinguishing features of their food. These herbs are put in salads, wrapped in fresh rolls, and are used to garnish many soups. Depending on the dish you eat them on their own as a palate cleanser or flavor enhancer between bites. Pho has many contrasting textures, with the chewiness of the noodles and the meat, and the crispiness of the bean sprouts and Thai basil on top. This dish was very unique not only because of its ingredients, but the variety of textures. While making the soup I learned that soup and built from the bowl up. The noodles go first, then the mean, hot stock ladled at the end, and garnishes served alongside. The Goi Cuo which was the salad roll was very chewy. It showed me the many ways rice was used in this culture. The rice flour wrapper with greens and had a variety of textures. I learned that many Vietnamese dishes require numerous ingredients. Compared to America where so many foods are already combined and prepared the only way to truly enjoy a fresh meal it to make it from scratch. We also prepared Bun Cha which is a dish of grilled pork and noodle. This was an example of a dish that required a lot of ingredients. There are many fresh vegetables, and the ingredients that are used for marinating and grilling the pork, as well as the fish sauce. Vi made fresh fish sauce and it required many ingredients, the main ingredients being sugar and salt. I helped Kim make Vietnamese coffee. It had a chocolatey flavor and was served on top of a layer of sweetened condensed milk. I am not a coffee drinker but I decided to try it for the

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