Voices Of Freedom Analysis

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In the last couple of decades, women have been on the largely involved in different roles in society. The American woman have come a long way in terms of her position and role in society. For a very long time women were identified by their gender and the patriarchy system that was used by different cultures across the world. Patriarchal can be defined as the aspect in society that looks into male dominance and power over all matters of society and how these privileges are simply handed down to men. It also looks to define how women struggle to gain positions of power while men are simply grabbing these chances from them. This means that men are the authoritative figure both at the family unit and in society. The patriarchy system although slowly…show more content…
while feminism is a wide spread concept today, women’s voice were hardly aired in the early centauries of America history. Some of the acts that show how much the patriarchal system worked in America include the sending of women to Virginia in 1622 (Foner 433)This act showed the dominance of men as this decision was made without the consultation of women at all. The Maryland Act Concerning Religion of 1644 also shades light of how society was governed in the early centauries. The Trial of Anne Hutchinson of 1637 became the first act of women rebellion as a few courageous women aimed to break the long history of men dominance and demanded for a few basic right which included the right to education and say over the society that they also lived in (Foner 502). This also included the right to make simple decision as the right clothes for women to wear and how women were allowed to act in…show more content…
Slavery is said to have existed long before the immigration began with some incidents being cited from the Bible. David Brion states in, Inhumane Bondage; The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World that “despite such degrading definitions, historically slaves found ways to retain their human dignity and resist total domination by their masters, through cultural adaptations, the formation of extended kin or social networks, and individual or collective rebellions” (Davis 231). This means that while the black community was subjected to slavery, men still found a way to maintain their dominance, and while the entire family was under slavery women still had to submit to their husbands and the male figures in society (Davis 243).
In fact in such conditions, the social order still depicted that men were still in control and regardless of their race or origin women were under the rule of men. Many of the slaves found in America were shipped from Africa and while they were subjected to a new culture and religion, they continued to use the culture they inherited from their original homes where by men were the head of the family. The abolition of slavery did not change the situation still, since while the liberated slaves were said to be free only men were allowed access such privileges like voting and owning
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