Voodoo In American Culture

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In today’s society culture and religion has took a whole new meaning. We the society have expanded and developed new cultures and beliefs every day, but one big belief that some of society still support is voodoo. The meaning of voodoo is a black religious cult practiced in the Caribbean and the southern US, combining elements of Roman Catholic ritual with traditional African magical and religious rites, and characterized by sorcery and spirit possession. Also “there are three main types of voodoo. African voodoo, Louisiana voodoo, and Haitian voodoo. African voodoo is still practiced by about 30 million people today! Rituals and beliefs are extensive, and are untouched by the outside influences! Louisiana is a unique practice of voodoo, that …show more content…

A lot of society today see this as animal cruelty and just plan simple wrong. “Animals are sacred in most African Traditional Religions, and are used as offerings to the Lwa and ancestors in healings, initiations, cleansing ceremonies, in thanksgiving for a favor granted, as payment to a promise made to a Lwa and other Vodou related rituals”( ANIMAL SACRIFICE). “During ceremony which precedes a sacrifice, the Houngan/Mambo as well as the initiates pray over the animal and thank it for giving up its life force. The animal is often given a bath with herbs and perfume, and sometimes may be “dressed”. In these instances, the animal will be covered in cloths and/or mushwa and be led in a procession by the entire Vodou Sosyete and it’s drummers. Yes taking the life of an inosence animal is wrong but I do not see anyone complains with they go to fast food restraunts and eat out. With this voodoo before the animal dies it is praisedand …show more content…

“During a Voodoo ceremony, a spirit (Loa) will enter (ride) the individual. The person being possessed considers being chosen by the spirit, to ride him as a horse into the physical world, to be one of the highest honors that can be bestowed on him. Possession is seen as a way the person is integrated into the community or group” (Understanding Voodoo Possession). When practicing voodoo the people dance and if one falls usually there mates as well will fall and recover quicker to help the one that was possed to gain his foot step. Being pssed usually to them is a good thing because “the purpose of the possession is for the spirit to communicate more easily with the person. The spirit may advise the possessed about his problems, give a prophecy or warning”( Understanding Voodoo

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