Low Voter Turnout In Texas Essay

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In the world of politics, voting is one of the most vital aspects to politicians, the local community, and the state. It gives the people who live in the communities a chance to let their voice and opinions be heard through their choice of who they want to represent them in political office or to take care of their town or city. Although many share this opinion, there are people who do not care to vote and do not get involved in politics. What is the underlying reason for this group of people to distance themselves from political affairs?
Registering to vote can be a deterrent for many people because it requires effort to file all the correct paperwork and stay in good standing, which may be the cause for low voter turnout within Texas. Although voter turnout has been steadily climbing within recent years, Texas is still on the lower end of the spectrum for voter turnout in America. Many are eligible, but few send in their ballots or show up to the polls on election day. The projected voter turnout is measured by the state's voting age demographic, eighteen years and older, and further estimated based on ethnic groups.
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This makes it difficult for candidates to reach out to this demographic to get them to come out to vote. The link between the different ethnic groups plays a role in the voting turnout as well. The Hispanic and African American communities tend to vote at lower rates than the Anglo (white, English speaking) Texans. With the 2008 election of President Barack Obama, the first black president, the vote within the African American community rose greatly and was about equal to the Anglo vote.
Many politicians blame the 2011 Texas Voter ID Law as the cause for many of the issues with voter turnout. This law states which forms of photo identification can be used at the voting booths and some say it violates the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination to

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