Compare And Contrast Egan Vs Elizabeth Warren

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Rallying the Troops! To win the primary election versus Elizabeth Warren, Tommy Egan’s campaign efforts will have to be well calculated and executed in an excellent manner. Tommy will use his and his team’s analysis of the 2012 election and state demographics to create focal points, groups that they feel they need to most address in order to win their votes, and win the election.
The first demographic of voters that Egan plans to focus on is women. Women supported Warren in an extraordinary fashion in the 2012 senate race as she received 59% of female votes. Females accounted for 53% of the vote as well (CNN). Egan is a well-known women’s rights supporter, which his campaign will highlight. He has created a partnership with the National …show more content…

Egan has plans to do ground work as well, as he has intentions to have more small roundtable discussions with women across the state to discuss issues, share their views, and let their voices be heard. Female empowerment is a staple in this campaign effort, as Egan pushes for office. The female vote will play an important role in determining the election.
African-Americans/ Hispanic and Latinos In the 2012 senate election, Elizabeth Warren dominated the African-American vote receiving 86%, although being only 6% of the total votes. Hispanics and Latinos also played a smaller role in the election being 4% but Egan feels this 10% can be easily swayed in his direction (CNN). Egan also feels the turnout of these two races was rather small. According to the Census, African-Americans and …show more content…

White males made up 47% of the vote and of those voters 47% of them voted for Warren. This was one of the few groups that did not vote in her favor. Egan must focus on this 47% of males that voted democratically and attempt to sway their votes in his favor instead of their incumbent (CNN). Egan also wants to focus on the middle class males, men with income between 50k to 100k as they made up a large sum of the vote as well. Egan must focus on issues that these men have in common and that they need fixing. This should be simple for him as he is a middle class, middle aged man! These men will feel similar to Egan and that will be the first way he will get his vote. Some of the issues that relate mostly will be the healthcare and jobs. Egan will work tirelessly when elected to help solve the healthcare issue in our nation. He sees this as a very serious issue and believes all should receive health care from the nation. Men are labeled as the providers of the family and they have to worry about finding affordable healthcare. Egan will also advocate for the creation of jobs through congressional action, so fewer men with families get laid off. These jobs will consist of government jobs, as well as working with major corporations to allow for more citizens to be hired without their company’s

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