Walgreens And Kroger Comparison Essay

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I chose Walgreens, Kroger, and Walmart for my grocery stores visits. There are obvious differences in each store. The major different in each store are the pricing and the layout of each store. The marketing strategies for each grocery store are similar but not exactly alike. Walmart is a superstore the store offers everything from a wide arrangement of items the household, garden, auto, electronics and beauty. Walmart prides itself of offering everything you might need for every day. Their marketing slogan is "Save Money. Live Better" which replace their famous "Always Low Prices.” According to Kroger their slogan is "Right Store, Right Price". Kroger offers a fewer selection of options for their customers. Kroger focuses on groceries with …show more content…

The sizes were the same for every item on my list except for Honey Nut Cheerios. The size for Honey Nut Cheerios different from the 17oz to 12.25oz box. The highest price for the Honey Nut Cheerios cereal was in Walgreens. Walgreens price for the Honey Nut Cheerios was $4.29 for a 12.25oz box while Walmart was the cheapest for $3.52 for a 17oz box. The price different by .77 cent less for a larger size. In this comparison the smaller size was more expensive at the smaller store. In Kroger a gallon of milk is 3.69 however Walgreens and Walmart tied at 3.27 a gallon. For the 50 Dixie Plates, Heavy Duty 7 inch cost 5.49 at Walgreens while at Walmart 2.78 and Kroger had the item priced at 4.89. This is only a few example of the different in prices. I noticed when holidays are coming up the companies create a sale or reward if you buy multiple items. The difference in price might deter the average shopper. However, I know that many sales do not guarantee a great buy. Sale price often fluctuate depending on the season and customers shopping patterns. In Kroger the items are arrange neatly on the shelves with each item label with the clear stated coupon right below the regular price. When you first walk through the door of Kroger you see the fresh produce and freshly cut …show more content…

In between the meat and dairy is the restroom and cold storage. Going from left to right are everything from drinks to canned goods. However Walgreens layout is slightly different from Walmart. Walmart and Walgreens both have a door for entry and exit. When you first walk in Walgreens you are in the cosmetics department right behind cosmetics is hair products. In hair products you have everything from dyes to simple comb and brushes. Next to hair products is the health department which is the remainder of the back of Walgreens. You have your vitamins, Band-Aids, special creams, walkers, slings, cold medicines, and eye creams. On the right side of Walgreens are all the cold products such as ice cream, juice, soda, and alcohol beverage. Next is everything from tooth paste, small list of groceries and toys. In the largest of all three is Walmart the layout is different because the stores offer more for each of their customers. This is also the messy of the three due to such a high number of foot traffic inside the store. Many people pick up items and replace them somewhere else in the store or just leave baskets in the alley. I notice that all five items were place on the shelves with the same

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