Athens Farmer Market Observation Paper

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The observation paper Introduction The Athens Farmers Market is a market in Athens, which provides different types of local foods such as meats, local craft items, baked goods, and local honey. These foods are healthy and fresh, so many people prefer to buy from Athens Farmers Market. Athens Farmers Market was opened in 1972 during the summer season. It is located on state parking lot 1000 E State St, Athens, OH 45701 and opened Saturdays (year-round), Wednesdays (April-December) from 9 am to 12 pm and Thursdays (May-September) from 4 pm to 7 pm. As the visitor pointed out that around 2157 visitors go to Athens Farmers Market and they enjoy 2.5 times more social interaction than at a supermarket. The features of the products: Athens Farmers …show more content…

• Compared Athens Farmers Market prices with Walmart prices, it is more expensive because Athens farmer’s products are fresher and healthier than Walmart. For example, watermelon costs six dollars and fifty cents at the Athens Farmers Market, but it costs three dollars and forty eight cents in Walmart. There is a huge difference between the prices. It is cheaper in the Walmart and more expensive in the Athens Farmers Market; on the other hand, watermelon will last for a long time and does not change in the taste if people buy it from the Athens Farmers Market. • Also, there are difference between Athens Farmer’s Market prices and Kroger prices. Some of the products at Kroger have the same price in the Athens Farmers Market, while other products have tiny difference. For instance, white grapes have the same price in both Athens Farmers Market and Kroger. Potatoes cost three dollars and thirty cents at the Athens Farmers Market, but they cost three dollars and nineteenth cents in Kroger. • In fact, the visitor mentioned that the two kinds of food are different in the prices, so organic products are more expensive than non-organic

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