Walter Dean Myers Fallen Angels Analysis

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Choice Novel Assignment The Vietnam War was a very brutal war where many of the American soilders were young men with a bright mindset of serving their country. Even though many Americans forget about this war. Many veterans do not forget about the harsh expirence and how it effected them. In ¬Fallen Angels, Walter Dean Myers accurately describes the young American soldiers experiences in the Vietnam war on how it effected them mentally and physically. Author Walter Dean Myers did not have a normal childhood like most children tend to have. Walter Dean Myers lost his mothers three years after he was born and his father was to poor to take care of him so he put him in a foster home (Litature and it’s times). As he was adopted and growing up Walter Dean Myers had a speech impediment which made him diffuclt to communicate. As this disablilty made him angry he started to pour out his thoughts in writing. As he grew up, Walter Dean Myers finished highs school and deciceded …show more content…

For example Richie and Peewee were both young teens who didn’t know what war can bring. But they quickly see that it changes them to a mindset of a man instead of a college kid getting a degree. They were always in life and death situations which caused them to adapt to this sneario and lose their old childish way of thinking. But not only being in a dangerous environment caused them to lose their innocence ut, the fact that they had to kill another man which was very hard to do for such a young age “I had killed a man. I though about how he looked, how I felt.”(Myers 182). Both Richie and Peewee learn at the end of the war when their in a plane ride back home that instead of them feeling like heroes, they really feel like surviors. This shows Richie and Peewee’s innocence being crushed and that the lost of their boyhood mindset has been replaced of a

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