Walter Mitty Traits

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Character Traits of Walter Mitty “You must be willing to do something you have never done before to get where you have never been before.” Walter Mitty, played by actor Ben Stiller, is an average employee for LIFE Magazine having some not-so-normal daydreams that are packed with action. Meanwhile Ted Hendricks, played by actor Adam Scott is getting on Mitty for a missing photo for their last magazine cover. To find it, Walter must travel many, many miles to find it before it is too late. The character of Walter Mitty, in the film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty has three distinct character traits, in that he is adventurous, determined, and caring. The Atlantic Ocean, with its surrounding seas is 8,065 metres, or 28, 232 feet, deep, and has an area of 41.1 million miles squared. Walter Mitty gets in a helicopter that is being piloted by a drunk man over the Atlantic Ocean. Once they reach the boat in the middle of the sea he jumps out and misses the rescue boat, when a few minutes later is being attacked by a vicious shark. By utilizing his wits, he manipulates his steel briefcase to fight off and protect him from the carnivore. Mitty also skateboards down a long, narrow path towards a town, by the name of Seyðisfjörður right next to an erupting volcano, called Eyjafjallajökull. Lastly, he climbs a cold,…show more content…
When he tries to help his mother move an extensive piano into her apartment and it doesn’t fit, he buys her a new apartment ,with his money, so it is able to fit. Mitty also makes an equitable trade of a childhood toy, a Stretch Armstrong doll, for a skateboard that Cheryl's son, Rich, would love. Lastly, he sticks up for everybody he works with when employees, including him, are getting fired by giving a little lecture to Ted Hendricks about how nobody deserves to leave because they are all in this business
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