War Of 1812 Essay Outline

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The War of 1812. A time in American history that seemed insignificant to the country’s prosperity. However, in reality, the War had a substantial impact on the United States, in terms of confidence and a pathway of expansion in the American democracy. June 18, 1812 marked the day the war started. The war that would become a decisive turning point in the Canadian and Native American history of their losing struggle to govern themselves. The war of 1812 consisted of some greatly famous battle in the United States such as the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. According to history, American was the country that declared war on Britain as they slowly started to realize that the country’s honor was in a time of instability. The question that yet remains …show more content…

The battle of the western frontiers was between the Natives and the Americans.After this, there was a high chance that the Natives such as Tecumseh would grow in confidence and believe that they can revolt against the government or the American people at any given moment as they did at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. The confidence that the British involvement created in the Natives would only lead to a future of never-ending fighting between the Natives and the …show more content…

The war was in a stalemate with both sides counting the losses.The 1812 war placidly favored the Americans. The British forces and government no longer had the reasons of interfering with trade in America as they were defeated by the French forces. The Indians who were the greatest stumbling block to the white settlement and expansion were not a threat anymore. Becoming a honorable and pride filled moment for America, the war caused us to gain our national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, and almost lose our capital: Washington, D.C to the British due to a dire. We showed the world that the war of 1812 was no ordinary war in American history. This one war established a nation with sovereignty, identity and able to defend itself in any war. Battles such as the Battle of New Orleans strengthened America for the better. Through this seemingly insignificant war came the U.S: stronger than ever commanding other nations to see that the United States of America would stay in this world and would prosper to great

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