War Party Analysis

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In the short story “War Party” by Louis L 'Amour, a fictional woman named Ma travels across the country with her family to find a new home near the mountains in the western frontier. During the trip, her husband dies by an arrow to the lung which was shot by an Indian. In the mid-19 century, there was a law that if a woman’s husband dies while they are traveling on the Oregon Trail then the women would have to either remarry or head back to the eastern coast. Ma refused to remarry or go back to their old home. Ma was very independent and smart, but since she was a woman the people in her wagon train pressured her to go back. Ma simply ignored them and told her son that he has to be a man. They carry on with their trip and run into the Sioux tribe. The Sioux were a bloodthirsty Indian tribe that killed many people that came their way. Ma saved the wagon train from the end by speaking to the tribe in the Sioux language and telling how the father was a furious warrior for them. The wagon got suspicious and began talking about Ma saying that she was an Indian and a traitor. Finally, Ma, her family, and some friends parted ways with the wagon train to find their new home in the mountains. …show more content…

She wanted to finish what she started and nothing could get in her way. In the text it said,”Ma put her hand on my shoulder. ‘I have my man. Bud is almost thirteen and accepts the responsibility. I could ask for no better man’...’Because we’re going on,’ ma said,’We’re going to the mountains, and i am hoping some of the others decide to come with us.’ ‘You’d go alone.’ He was amazed.’If necessary.’” This text shows how she determined to get to the mountains and how she will go by herself if she has to. She stays obstinate throughout the short

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