Warfare: Medieval Warfare In The Middle Ages

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Medieval Warfare In the Middle Ages, taking down a castle and conquering a King’s empire meant obtaining land and gaining power, and this was done by means of medieval warfare. The development of new modes of warfare led to both fatality and victory of the English and French among the battlefield. Warfare throughout the medieval era incorporated the use proficient knights,suitable weaponry, and savvy techniques, all of which advanced during the ages and were key to defending an empire and successfully gaining victory during battle. In the beginning of the middle ages, victory amongst war was largely dependent on the knights that defended the fortification and the horses they rode upon during battle. Knights required years of training and practiced their skills at tournaments that included jousting, archery and combat against one another. The infantry consisted of knights who fought on foot. The cavalry were those who rode on trained horses out into the battlefield. Knights were considered brave, courageous and they fearlessly fought to protect their king and castle, otherwise known as the Code of Chivalry. These knights not only needed the essential skills to conquer during battle, but the necessary weaponry in order to fight their opponents …show more content…

Bladed hand held weapons were used including various types of swords, as well as blunt hand weapons such as clubs and hammers. Polearms that were weapons such as spikes and spears, served as effective weaponry. Ranged weapons that included different types of bows and gun artillery were used during medieval warfare. Armour was used that included full body armour and shields for protection. Military weapons were used in order to provide adequate means of obstruction, but without strategic proposal of military techniques and protective mechanisms, invasion during warfare would have been problematic and successfully

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