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The Legend of the Shadow Knights Have you ever read the Legends of King Arthur and heard of his accomplishments around Camelot. I bet you have, but I bet you never heard of their very secret knights. These knights are so secret that the kings don’t even know about them. This Knight order was created by the first King of Camelot. They have been sworn to secrecy by a blood oath and they have stopped the battles that were gonna destroy the kingdom but no one knows about it because they kill all of the survivors. They are known as The Shadow Knights. They were not normal knights, in fact, they were far from it. Some of them were raised and trained as Assassins., some were trained secretly as dark wizards, some were enemies that got captured by the Kingdom, and some were raised in a normal life. The only two things that they have in common are that they were trained as Knights at some point in their lives and they were granted special powers. They have a special way of choosing people. There is a special person that they have in their order that has the power to sense nearby candidates and their powers although it 's not specific about the power. Once they find out you have powers, they break into your house and forcibly take you to their interrogation chamber. They then torture you …show more content…

One of the jobs is a shadow knight and the other one is for the knights of Camelot. The first thing that they usually do is drop you off on an uninhabited island with just a wooden sword and a seed. Once you pass this, they place you in enemy territory and give you the task of assassinating a group of knights in their castle without being caught. The last step is to assassinate a member of the nobility in Camelot. If you pass all of these tests, they make you take a blood oath and then accept you in their group. After they do this, they send you to Camelot to become a knight of

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