Was Michael Jordan Legacy So Impactful And Long Lasting?

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Michael Jordan was one of the first athletes to make endorsements popular in sports. This was mainly due to him being an amazing basketball player, him having a brilliant business mind, and him having a charming personality. But still how did he do it? How did Michael Jordan make his legacy so impactful and long lasting? The answer is so simple it will surprise you, but let's answer the questions. First off, let us look at the basics, the obvious answer. Fan of basketball (or MJ) or not, most people can agree that he is the best basketball player of all time. Being famous for endorsements help, but if someone is widely known for being the best at what they do, that helps even more. So that answers the question of why he was a target for companies. Another thing that helped Jordan become such an iconic figure, is his brilliant business mind. Athletes, not all, but most, are known not to focus on their skills academically. With Jordan being the best, smart, basketball player of all time, and him being a black star? It was no wonder the endorsement companies were all after him. Another huge factor, was Michael Jordan’s …show more content…

They have numerous endorsement deals with shoe products, sports drinks, and other athletic deals. This may be indirectly, but Kobe’s (Kobe), is a type of beef. Inadvertently, because Kobe is so popular and internationally recognized, he is kind of promoting the food. Kobe’s retirement, Lebron is arguably considered the best basketball player as of right now. Lebron has just as many, if not, more endorsement deals than Kobe. In fact April Duncan, from The Balance, notes that in total Kobe Bryant has made about 580 Million off of endorsements. Whereas in the Forbes magazine, Kurt Badenhausen, notes that Lebron is currently making 44 million a year off of endorsement deals. Until Lebron retires, there will be no way of knowing who has made more off endorsement deals, while playing in the

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