Washington: A Legacy Of Leadership By Paul Vickery

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“The purpose of this volume is to examine the events that led to the transformation of George Washington from a twenty-one-year-old appointed major in the Virginia militia to the commander in chief of the American forces (xv).” Vickery does so chiefly by studying and looking at the battles Washington’s armies fought. The titles of each chapter of this book reflect this focus, and the author walks the reader over the history of this great man; showing Washington’s strengths, weaknesses, good decisions and poor. He an imperfect man, nonetheless loved his country and was devoted to the cause of her liberty, despite the cost. George Washington a great man who had countless writings regarding his life and the careers that he occupied throughout his lifespan. This great man…show more content…
Vickery was able to accurately depict Washington as the complex man that he was. There are often several different sides to Washington, that show just how imperfect he was. Yes, Washington freed his slaves upon his death, yet he still owned slaves, and did not let free blacks to help in his military, till his options were limited due to falling enlistments. Washington was a knowledgeable, and occasionally brilliant general, nevertheless he was also short-sighted. Additionally, at a younger age, he signed a document that practically began the domino effect that initiated the French and Indian war. He loved his men, but at times felt superior. These are but a few examples of the complexity that Vickery was able to display in his book. In other words, Washington was most definitely ‘heroic’, nonetheless he had his flaws as all of Adam 's fallen progenies do. In spite of this, he was an earnest and genuine believer, who aimed to be a moral man. He was incorrect regarding the predicament of the poor, and of negros. That being said, he was not a savage monster in regards to how he treated the
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