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Baseball is a sport played by people all around the country. It was originated in America but soon grew to all around the world. Baseball is a physical sport but is also a mental sport. Baseball is 90% mental and 10% physical. Algebra is everywhere in baseball weather it is determining where a ball will land after it is hit or how far away second base is when stealing. Before players even step onto the field they have to be physically ready. There is a lot of weight training for baseball that creates power and strength. The concept of power can be expressed in a formula called the "Force-Velocity Relationship" (Lizabeth Hardman 23). The equation is Power = Force x Distance/Time. Force is how much strength is applied to move the weight. Distance …show more content…

A batter has about 4/10 of a second to either swing or take a pitch. A batter has to find the angle, spin, speed, and direction of a pitch before they swing. When a batter swings they try to generate power to drive a baseball. Most of the power is generated within the upper legs and core and is transferred to the upper body and into the bat. If a batter is not balanced while swinging they will loose power. Isaac Newton 's third law of motion says, "for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction" (Lizabeth Hardman 63). The action is baseball is to swing the bat and the opposite action is the ball going into the other direction. Isaac 's second law says, "the object with greater mass or speed puts more force on the object with less mass or speed" (Lizabeth Hardman 63). This is referring to why the bat moves the ball and not the other way around. The angle of where the ball is hit determines how far the ball will go. If the ball is hit on a downward angle the ball will go less farther than a ball hit on an upward angle. A good hit ball will have backspin and that creates less drag behind the ball and will make the ball travel

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