Wes 2 Compare And Contrast Essay

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There were two men with the same name, who grew up in the same neighborhood, with different fates. One Wes Moore is in prison, and the other Wes Moore is an author and a decorated war vet. Wes 1 is the the author and war veteran, all the while Wes 2 is in prison for life. These two men grew up very near each other, but both men had different schools, different friends, and different living situations. Wes 1 had a great dad at the beginning of his life, but his dad passed away when he was 3 years old. His dad died of epiglottitis and choked to death in front of his family. From then on, Wes 1’s mother Joy tried her best for him and his older sister Nikki. After the father passed away, his mother slept on the couch. She claims it was to protect Wes and Nikki, because the neighborhood they lived in was getting rough. She sleeps on the couch so that she does not have to sleep in the same haunted bed where she slept with her dead husband. This meant she was not getting much sleep anymore. However, no matter what she always was there to support Wes. Pg 36.
Wes 2 had the same support from family, but not from his mother, it was from his older …show more content…

Wes 1 loved his dad dearly, and remembered him often. While on the opposite hand, Wes 2 met his dad, his dad was alive, but he was a drunk and did not recognize his own son. In school, Wes 1 went to a nice private white school, with a total of two African Americans. The two kids were Wes 1 and Justin. They became good friends over the years. However, Wes 2 never really went to school. When he did go to school, he never paid attention. Eventually, he stopped going altogether. While, he is dropping out, Wes 1 grades were slipping. Joy, Wes 1’s mother, sent him to military school. To be predicted, he tried running away a couple nights and his mother straight out told him he was staying. Wes learned to respect himself and

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