Westward Expansion Research Paper

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Would you move Westward? The Westward Expansion is when several of people moved West for the gold rush. Not many people become rich! Many people do go though! I would stay and not move Westward because it’s difficult and might die/get injured, I might not find gold, and it’s a long journey!

Moving west could really be difficult and I could get injured in worst case die. “When he returned to camp bringing the startling news, that for some unknown cause, the horses had stampeded.” (object G) That could be anyone being in a stampede and I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a horse stampede! The horses could really be dangerous to the people moving west. If you lose your horse in the stampede that means you lost all of your food and water as well.“Wagon trains offered protection against attacks by Native Americans and wild animals. People helped one another when wagons broke down.” (object F) If my wagon broke, I would be really angry because what would I do with all of my belongings now because everybody's wagon are filled with their …show more content…

I would have spent more money traveling West than making from the gold.“Over the next year, thousands of miners came to search for gold in the area. Prospecting, or exploring for gold, required only a few tools and the willingness to work hard. It was difficult work, and few people struck it rich.” (Object C)If only a few people became rich, then there is no point in going west because the gold was already gone by, those thousands of miners.“July 9th. To-day we have made $20 each. One of the conclusions at which we are rapidly arriving is, that the chances of our making a fortune in the gold mines are about the same as those in favor of our drawing a prize in a lottery.” (object D) Making only $20 is not enough considering the time and effort of the move.“In a few hours, the larger claims, belonging to the old miners, were abandoned

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