Wgu Audit Task

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Clients must keep records and books of accounts including cash book, sales ledger, purchases ledger and general ledger. Supporting documents such as invoices, bank statements, pay-in slips, cheque butts, and receipts for payments, payroll records and copies of receipts issued should be retained. A valuation of the stock in trade should be made at the end of the accounting period and the appropriate records maintained. Company should record sufficient to explain each transaction and to enable a true and fair profit & loss account and balance sheet to be prepared. At the end of the accounting period, a physical stock-take should be made to ascertain the quantity and the cost of the stock in hand or the cost of work in progress statements and…show more content…
I need go through last year audit file and report to gain understanding of the entity, its nature, the principal activities carried on, accounting policies, and critical audit area And test checked trial balance, balance sheet and profit or loss statement to general ledger to ensure they are agree to each other because there is possible clients make changes in general ledger after financial statement has been prepared. I also need checked the opening balance of balance sheet items with last year audit report to ensure the amounts are agreed with last audited figure. Before do the audit, I need fill in audit control sheet then do audit planning and planning materiality…show more content…
Ensure that the property, plant and equipment exist and are genuine assets of the business and are beneficially owned by the business and any restrictions, pledges or liens on the property, plant and equipment are identified and adequately disclosed in the financial statements. At the same time, have to prepare fixed assets schedule as to attachment for this section. Test the mathematical accuracy, agree opening balances to prior period working papers and agree closing balances to the nominal ledger and investment ledger where maintained. Vouch against invoices, contract notes, and agreements for any additions or disposals in order to ensure that all property, plant and equipment are included in the balance sheet and gains or losses on realization of property, plant and equipment are correctly stated. In additions, ensure the property, plant and equipment are properly disclosed and

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