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“ Women, like men, should try to do the impossible, and when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others.”- Amelia Earhart. The book “The Whale Rider” by Witi Ihimaera is about a girl named Kahu and is in line to becoming chief in her tribe but greatly discouraged by her grandfather Koro Apriana because she is a girl. Then she proves her grandfather by her ability to do things many boys in her tribe cannot do. I chose this quote because this book in many ways shows female empowerment. Two examples how the book “The Whale Rider” shows female empowerment are…

One example the book “The Whale Rider”, shows female empowerment is when Porourangi had another baby with his wife he met in Germany and Koro wanted Porourangi to have a son then Koro was upset that Porourangi ended up having another daughter. “Oh, be quiet,” Nanny Flowers said. “Girls can do anything these days. Haven’t you heard you’re not allowed to discriminate against woman anymore?’”(SIC) (79). I chose this quote …show more content…

When Rawiri told Kahu where Koro threw his stone, Kahu volunteerily went to go get the stone. “Goodness,” Nanny said. ‘No wonder those boys couldn’t get it. This is deep.” “Does Koro Apriana really want it back?” Kahu asked. “yeah I suppose he must,” Nanny Flowers said, “the old paka. Well serve him right for-” Kahu said simply, “I’ll get it.” Before we could stop her, she stood up and dived overboard. Until that moment I had never even known she could swim” (89). I chose this quote because it shows how Kahu proved boys wrong on how girls cannot do things Koro Apriana says girls can’t do and she had beat the boys by grabbing the stone within one

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