Argumentative Essay: Should Women Get Paid?

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Katie Bardaro, from Pay Scale Human Capital, once said “The real issue here is not the gender wage gap, but the jobs wage gap. People are filling positions according to gender, with higher-paid positions being filled by men and lower-paid positions being filled by women. That needs to change” In addition, men and women have differences on how they get paid. People think that men should get paid more because they think that they can do so much more, when women can do the same amount as a man can. Although we live in a society where men earn more money for the same job, this gender gap needs to stop, because equal pay can end poverty for single mothers, makes it harder to provide for family, and can overall will help society. Some will argue that with men in charge there was no poverty; however, with women in control there is a decrease in this world wide issue. Research has shown that “A study of time and water poverty in 25 sub-Saharan African…show more content…
“Women 's Suffrage Movement, women 's economic roles increased in society. Since there was more educational opportunities for women it led more and more women to sense their potential for meaningful professional careers” (Women’s Suffrage Movement vs. Women’s Rights Movement in the 1800s). Therefor women have had to work to make their mark on society. This shows that women can make their way to the top no matter how unfair they are treated. Aladeselu said ¨We empower women when we give them sense of self worth, treat them as equal humans as men, not as property that can be inherited, disposed off at will, not as a slave” (Women contribute a lot to to the society if empowered). This shows that women can be and want to be empowered to help society, but just because they are a girl they can’t. Overall society will be better because of the empowering women we have standing behind
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