What Accomplishments Did Martin Luther Make?

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This journal article was written by Brian Clatworthy and published in the year of 2012. This article is in Volume 67 Issue 3.
Internally, his consciousness did not allow him to rest. He had a problem with coming to an understanding of the righteousness of God and earning salvation through Jesus Christ. First, Martin Luther decided to read and meditate on the book of Psalms in the Bible and later moved on to Romans. He concluded that the purpose of law on Earth is meant for people to sin against God so that they might seek for God's grace and mercy. A typical Christian life involves sin and virtue. As Christians, we all fail to please God due to the sins we do. Therefore, spirituality helps us to recover from our transgressions and move in the way of Christ. With that being said, God appears to be merciful and loving. Eventually, these ideas helped Martin Luther to shape his doctrine on what righteousness was and interpret Paul's teachings in the book of Romans. His theology would be the sole foundation of his teachings in regards to the Reformation. …show more content…

This source partially answered the question by providing information that focused on the ideas that shaped his beliefs and doctrine. On top of that, this source mentioned how Martin Luther came in contact with his Reformation Discovery by reading the word of God. This source spoke more on his internal conflicts with himself while struggling to find an understanding of God and the Christian life. Finally, questions raised from reading and analyzing this source include: How was Martin Luther able to carry on with is doctrine and teach the rest of Germany? Was Martin Luther able to move forward with his Reformation

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