What Are The Arguments For Gun Control Pros And Cons

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Justina Snyder Mrs. Lubonski AP Lang 25 October 2015 The Gun Control Debate The topic of gun control and gun violence regarding the 2nd Amendment has been launched into mainstream debate by the recent mass shootings at elementary schools, colleges, and even movie theaters. It warrants discussion because of its overbearing presence in many aspects of society, such as the news, and also its impact on everyday life. Who knows who will be involved in the next horrific mass shooting? Will it be your neighbor as the perpetrator? The friendly man selling supplies at the local grocery store? The quiet kid at school? A family member? Many start to wonder and often question if now is the time for stricter gun control laws in the United States. Some …show more content…

These people realize that gun control may not solve the problem entirely, but feel that is one step that needs to be taken. As they call it, the “senseless slaughter of innocent life” must be prevented through increased regulation of weapons. For example, one pro-gun regulation poster promotes that guns should be regulated in the same fashion that cars are, through a multi-step and in-depth process (Source A). This would not take guns away from law abiding citizens because they would be expected to be able to pass all of the requirements. However, this will instead make it difficult for those who are ineligible to fake it and be able to buy a gun. Also, those in favor of gun control argue that mental health should not be the focus because “less than five percent of the 120,000 gun-related killings were perpetrated by people diagnosed with mental disorders” (Source D). These pro-gun control believers seek to shut down the “illegal gun pipeline” by making it a federal crime to sell to a person who is ineligible based on their background check. Moreover, polls show that there is greater support for banning assault style weapons, the need for stricter laws, and the idea that the NRA has too much power. Ultimately, these people seek change concerning the ongoing problem of gun …show more content…

It is evident that both sides can agree that this is an uphill battle, with no easy solution. To reach a positive and effective outcome, it most likely requires multiple resolutions. Many people can also agree that the issues may not even be about the guns themselves, but rather the misuse of them. From a moral perspective, both sides can perhaps agree that the fact that numerous people are dying during these mass shootings is upsetting. Whether it be through stricter background checks or increased mental health precautions, the need to work on identifying unstable behaviors and focusing on what drives a person to commit murder is very important. Since there is no way to predict and therefore prevent these frequent killings from happening, perhaps there is a way to identify instances of telltale signs. Providing more or even better databases like the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check) to those selling guns privately or publicly, which will help determine the eligibility of prospective buyers in accordance with the Brady Act, will provide benefits for both sides and advance the course of action in helping to fix the

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