What Are The Causes Of The War Of 1812

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A major battle that showed our country's love and honor for our independence and territory was the War of 1812. This war was a battle between Great Britain and the United States over British violation of the U.S. maritime rights. Other factors that helped the decision for America to go to war was impressment and the expansion goal of the War Hawks. There plan was to expand the United States by taking control of Florida and Canada. With all of these problems, America had no choice but to start a war. They were tired of these corrupted rules they had to follow. The only way the could free themselves from the British was through war. And that was exactly what they did. They soon realized that this war was an opportunity to protect their freedom and honor. The war started because of several disagreements the United States had with Great Britain. Out of the three major causes that made America go to war Impressment, was the major key factor that directed Americans to go to war. In 1806, Americans weren’t allowed to trade with other countries. If American ships disobeyed British …show more content…

The colonists knew it was going to be a hard battle, but it was worth a try. Knowing that most of the Native American tribes were going take action against the British since they did not want the colonists expanding their territory, they had to find a quick way to defeat them. Luckily they did find a way to defeat the world's greatest naval power for the second time.With both sides suffering many losses and Great Britain having another conflict with France, they decided to sign the treaty of Ghent and end the war. This treaty meant that neither sides lost any territory during the war. The war came to an end on February 17, 1815, when US Congress approved the

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