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1804 – Governor Harrison and Sauk chief, Quashquame, agreed to the Treaty of St. Louis which required the Sauk and Fox to cede much of western Illinois and parts of Missouri to the federal government. Many Sauk and Fox greatly resented the treaty and loss of land. Illinois Territory 1809 – After receiving petitions from residents in far western areas of the Indiana territory about the difficulties of participating in territorial affairs in the capitol of Vincennes, the US Congress established the Illinois Territory, which included all of present-day Illinois, Wisconsin, and parts of present-day Minnesota and the upper peninsula of Michigan. 1812 – The War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain began in June. The United States declared war on Britain for several reasons, including British support for Native American tribes fighting American settlers and …show more content…

In July, the English captured the fort during the Siege of Prairie du Chien and renamed it Fort McKay. 1815 – The War of 1812 concluded without a clear victor but the resulting Treaty of Ghent ceded British control of all territory and forts south of the Great Lakes. The American army established control of Wisconsin area and American flags went up at all the forts. Control of the fur trade was also passed to the hands of the Americans as the United States prohibited foreign trade with Native Nations on its territory. 1816 – An early priority for the US government in Wisconsin and throughout the northwest was the security of the most used water routes in the area from British incursion through the establishment of permanent fortifications. Fort Shelby was rebuilt at Prairie du Chien and renamed Fort Crawford and Fort Howard was established at Green Bay. In addition, John Jacob Astor’s American Fur Company began operations in Wisconsin and would go on to develop a trade monopoly by the 1820s. Michigan

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