What Are The Controversies In The Call Of The Wild

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Jack London wrote The call of the Wild in 1900 and had it published 1905. The main character, Buck a St Bernard living the good life until he gets stolen and taken to Alaska. After that he is made a sled-dog who is sometimes beaten and starved. But in the end this is a transformation physically and mentally. The story takes place in Miami, Florida for a part of the story until he is stolen and taken to a remote part of Alaska. More characters of this story would be Spitz, the dog-sled leader that didn’t like Buck and died to him after trying to kill him. Another character would be Curly, a dog who took a liking to Buck ,but in the end died to mysterious odds. Some themes associated with the story are Primitivity, Knowledge and Wisdom, Suffering, and Perseverance. (Shmoop Editorial Team)

The call of the Wild being a good book also had some controversies. One of the controversies is that it shows animal abuse.( Shmoop.com/4554) Through the story Buck (the main character) is beaten and sometimes starved for not doing what he is suppose to be doing. Another thing that doesn 't help this is that …show more content…

These reviews I have seen are mostly positive. One of the reviews says it should be read and loved by everyone.(Jack London’s Naturalism) The review says this because the story shows a odd but lovable hero that in the end if he believes and tries his best in the end he can achieve his goals and live the life he would want to live. Another review says that it is really good but is not for young animal lovers.(Call of the Wild- Book Review) It says this because in the story the hero has to do some bad things like rip out other dogs or even humans jugulars to save himself or some of his new found friends, but in the end the review still says it is a really good book. Also these are just two of the good reviews of many I saw about this book and just from reading them, I would want to read this

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