What Are The Effects Of The Articles Of Confederation Dbq

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With alot going on during the creation of the Articles of Confederation, Due to the on going effects and changes of the American Revolution. The colonies had been in search to create a more centralized government. Since most colonies had taken more care of their own individual interests, it had been much easier to agree upon and form state institutions. Rather than focusing on the importance of the growth of a strong united but yet equally independent structure for their own national gorvernment. The Articles of Confederation which had been first adopted by the continental congress in 1777, At the time had only been able to provide the newly found states with a similar national government which had already semi-existed. With Congress remaining the indeed only form of a central institution of a natural government, it had gained few expanded powers giving congress the authority to conduct wars and foreign relations also to appropriate, borrow, and issue money. During the process of ratifying the Articles of Confederation, A broad disagreement in the plans had quickly become evident. The process of ratification on the Articles of Confederation requires approval from all thirteen states. When small states had …show more content…

In which openly admitting how hard it was to get everyone's opinion on important debates, people through out the continent should have the right to an equal say. The Articles of Confederation went into effect in 1781, in which they had been lacking the adequate power to deal with interstate issues nor could it enforce it's will on the states, also holding little stature in the eyes of the

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