What Are The Framers Concept Of Separation Of Power

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In 1787, over the course of four months 55 delegates gathered at the Philadelphia Convention to write the Constitution.(Wei par. 3) It was there the important concept of separation of powers was written into the Constitution, and little did they know what a lasting effect this system would have on American government. In the creation of the Constitution, the Framers intended to establish a government that would be free from tyranny, and would provide the necessary precautions to divide it’s powers fairly and equally. The Framers then determined the best course of action would be to divide and conquer, and by doing so limiting the chances of too much power falling into the hands of one person or institution. The philosophy of separation of powers was …show more content…

By instituting a system that distributes it’s power as fairly and equally as possible, the Framers sought to not only protect this nation from tyranny but to preserve it’s liberties. With the Articles of Confederation too weak to support this country, the Framers knew that this country was in desperate need of a change. Therefore, the Framers fashioned a more balanced structure of government through the doctrine of separation of powers. The division of the three branches of government and the federal and state powers finally created a dynamic of government that would prove to be effective and enduring. But, the Framers did not come to this solution alone, they utilized the various theories of political philosophers such as John Locke and Baron de Montesquieu. The pivotal aspect of this structure involves the checks and balances, which allows the branches to check for any abuses of power occurring in another branch. This organization has effectively stood the test of time for the reason that it takes preventative measures against corruption within government. The framers of the

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