What Are The Impacts Of The British North American Colonies

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Chase Wessinger Dr. Morris History 111 18 September 2016 There have been many historical impacts in the British North American colonies. Between the time frame of 1607 and 1775 I believe the biggest changes were ethnic diversity and population growth amongst the colonies. Through the time span of 1700 to 1775 the colonies’ population grew by ten times. It escalated from 250,000 to 2,500,000. Also, the number of slaves rose tremendously over the time frame of 1700 to 1770. The slave count increased from 80,000 to 450,000 doing this time period. The world as we know it today would have been completely different without the British coming to the New World and learning and adapting as they did. With the growth of population came many important aspects from what we know today such as inventions and cultural diversity. The growth of the British …show more content…

The British did not know much about the new land they were attempting to live on. They also knew nothing about the natives who had already set up their homes on this land. Cultural superiority justified the Native Americans as inferior because of this. They believed that God had sent them there to help. Once the natives taught the British what they needed to know about the land, they became less dependent on the natives and more dependent on themselves. Many natives died off during this time due to small pox. When this occurred the British started following the ways the of Spanish and French settlers. “According to John Winthrop, God was killing Indians and their supporters to ensure "our title to this place."” They also started stealing land for their own during this time. (Native American Relations) From 1609-1610 there was an escalation of native settler violence. It got so bad some Jamestown settlers tried to join the Powhatan Indians. Virginia soon became the place where everyone wanted to

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