What Are Thomas Jefferson's Beliefs

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Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. He wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom. Thomas Jefferson was a great help for the United States due to his smart plans for the future. He purchased what is now called the Louisiana Purchase which made a greater size to the United States. Some of the greatest things happening now for the people are all from Jefferson’s contributions to human rights.

Jefferson is known as the founder of the Democratic Party even though other groups of government seem to follow his values. He established the theory of states ' rights, which had been against the giving of rights or power to the federal government. He purchased land called the Louisiana Purchase for people to …show more content…

In the year 1779, he wrote “A Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge”. This writing of his led to a bound of a plan for forming Virginia public schools where all children are free including male and female. These children were to be given lessons on reading, writing, early history and math. This public education was free for all students.

After increasing the size of the United States, Thomas Jefferson wanted to see the new part of the country discovered. While exploring the new part, he learned so much about the landscape and the Native American Tribes. He also found a path of water going between the Mississippi river and the Pacific Ocean. Jefferson had a great idea on creating a university that should educate leaders instead of only preachers and professors. Therefore, he founded the University of Virginia and also became the first person that used the elective course system.

Thomas Jefferson had many achievements and contributions throughout his life. He was one of the greatest men to help the United States. He helped the United States get started with his plans also helping it grow even bigger than it already

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