What Are Tommy Douglass Contributions To Canada

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“My dream is for people around the world to look up and to see Canada like a little jewel sitting at the top of the continent.”—Tommy Douglas. (Lam 1) What makes Great Canadians stay in relevant to people from so long they died? For one thing, their contributions to the society are beneficial to people. The buildings in the country, the education students attending, the food people eat, and the Medicare people have. More important than that are their convictions. They changed the way people think what is wrong and what is right, the way minorities are treated, and people’s pursuit of freedom and equality. Tommy Douglas was one of those extraordinary Canadians since he led the first socialist government elected in Canada, his government was …show more content…

Before the medical care was formed, many people in the country died due to lack of money to do to the hospital. When Tommy Douglas was young, once he was sent to the hospital because of bone infection. His family could not afford the treatment fee, he may lost his leg if a surgeon did not pay the treatment fee for him. This experience planted the seed for his universal public health care. (Tommy Douglas Research Institute, n.d.) Tommy Douglas believes that every Canadian deserve the right to have quality health care, regardless of their economic or social situation. It took Tommy Douglas a very long time to achieve his goal of letting every Canadian has health care. In 1962, the first Medicare plan implemented in Saskatchewan, and later it was enhanced by the federal government in 1966. The universal health care has benefited millions of people in Canada and saved many lives. (Babaluk, N, n.d.) According to the Medicare, Tommy Douglas’s principle of equality and solidary was reflected. Therefore, Tommy Douglas is considered to be Great Canadian because his essential contribution to Canada’s

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