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Although Canada appears to other nations as innovative and visionary, many of their influential accomplishments have been copied from the province of Saskatchewan. Through the success of which had overcome Saskatchewan beginning when Thomas Clement "Tommy" Douglas came into power as the saskatchewan premier beginning in 1944. As quoted by Ian McLeod, Douglas’ bibliographer, through Tommy Douglas’ influence “Once more Saskatchewan has an opportunity to lead the way”.(Canadian) With the influence of which Douglas and the province of Saskatchewan had over the rest of the nation, Tommy douglas was able to create a more equal society. With the use of Saskatchewan’s experience it demonstrated the social divisions that could occur if the situation…show more content…
With Douglas’ achievement of being able to make Healthcare a fundamental right of all citizens, Douglas was able to give many other rights to the Saskatchewan residents. The Saskatchewan Bill of Rights covered both fundamental freedoms and equality rights, and Douglas was able to present the idea of freedom of expression, conscience, association and multiple others of which gave the civilians of Saskatchewan rights they had never been officially given. (Norman) With the rights of which Tommy Douglas gives the Saskatchewan citizens in 1953, he is able to help Diefenbaker mirror Saskatchewan's rights through the Canadian Charter of Rights. Through the Saskatchewan Bill of Rights, Douglas was able to give his citizens the prohibition of discrimination on account of race, creed, religion, colour, ethnic or national origin. (Government of Saskatchewan) Through this right, Douglas was able to strongly improve the lives of of the minority of which had been suffering from discrimination for years. Douglas was also able to prohibit publications that are likely to deprive someone of his or her legal rights on account of race, creed, religion, colour ethnic or national origin. Douglas was also able to easily improve the lives of his citizens by creating the prohibition of discrimination with respect to accommodation, employment, occupation, and…show more content…
In the province of Saskatchewan, Tommy Douglas was able to create the Trade Union Act, which allowed the creation of many workers rights, of which Douglas was able to make available to the entire country. The Trade Union Act guaranteed the rights for workers to bargain and organize collectively, as well as create the Labour Relations Board. (Achievements) Tommy Douglas, through the Trade Union Act was able to guarantee the Saskatchewan citizens more rights and freedoms of which they had not had the opportunity to have before. Through this Act, the minimum wage throughout Saskatchewan had been increased, as well as a 44-hour work week was made mandatory for all workers. The Act was also able to help enforce the Douglas governments Workers Compensation Board, which improved benefits and removed the waiting period for any of the workers of which qualified for compensation. Douglas was also able to force employers to provide their employees two weeks of vacation with pay, as well as offer pension plans to those who are or have retired. (Government of Saskatchewan Trades) As Tommy Douglas was able to make the ground breaking labour opportunities for Saskatchewan, Douglas was able to quickly and easily make the same type of rights available to the other citizens of Canada, not only

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