What Did Lyddie Do During The Industrial Revolution

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During the Industrial Revolution, women did not have equal work rights to men. In the book Lyddie, by Katherine Paterson, Lyddie is a young girl that needs to find work to help her family. Lyddie’s father is still away on his odyssey, and the family farm is in debt. Therefore, her mother essentially sells Lyddie and her brother to work in places with incredibly rare and low pay. The mistress Lyddie is working for fires her, so she seizes the opportunity and travels to Lowell to work as a factory girl. Then there is a girl Lyddie meets named Diana Goss during her inauguration as a factory worker, who helps her adjust to factory life and teaches her how to work, helps her study because she cannot attend school, and allows Lyddie to send letters …show more content…

They were treated worse as well. Harassment to girls often occurred in the factory and girls couldn’t do anything about it, the most significant reason being they could be fired and blacklisted, some were forced to leave work because of their illness, and others couldn’t keep up their production rate because of injuries and were fired. Nevertheless, the living quarters were tiny and often hazardous to their health, “She slept under the eaves in a windowless passage, which was hot and airless even in late spring”(24). Female workers commonly had unfair living spaces that would take from their pay, even though they were not suitable for living quarters. Nevertheless, pay had been most often inconsistent for workers, but they won’t be able to get paid anywhere else, so they can’t complain, “Why she sends your mother fifty cents a week,and then, only if I remind her”(45). The average pay for girls was barely able to pay for one person, let alone an entire family including a debt. Even in factories that were the highest pay you’d find for women, they were still at a lower level to that of men’s, “...$1.75 board. While the other girls grumbled that their price rates had dropped…”(86). Even though Lyddie had high pay as an incredibly hard worker, pays still continued to drop for most, if not all girls working in a factory. A male worker’s average pay was higher and often more consistent, even …show more content…

Lyddie should sign Diana Goss’ petition because it could undoubtedly improve her life. She would be more free to do what she wants, so she can see her family more often to care for them. Her whole family will be able to stay healthy and together, along with other bare necessities. They’d be able to pay for medicine and a doctor if Lyddie had a higher pay, so that a family wouldn’t have to die like Lyddie’s little sister. Other women and families would be able to get the same care and help that they need. Women would be treated fairly and would have a better life. All women would be equal to men when it comes to working conditions, and it would help most if not all

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