What Does When It Rains It Pours Mean

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Behind the words of “When it rains it pours” Anthony Zombro "When It Rains It Pours" is a popular country song by Luke Combs, released in 2017 as part of his debut album "This One's for You". The song was written by Combs, Ray Fulcher, and Jordan Walker. Luke tells the story of a man who has just experienced a string of bad luck, including losing his girlfriend, his job, and his truck breaking down. However, when he goes to a bar to drown his sorrows, he ends up winning the lottery and his fortunes suddenly turn around. The song great example of how pathos can be used to evoke emotion in a song. Pathos is an emotional appeal that is used to persuade an audience and create an emotional response. In this song, Combs uses pathos to create a sense of optimism and hopefulness in the face of adversity. The story begins with the protagonist going through a tough time, as he has just been dumped by his girlfriend. This opening line sets the stage for the emotional journey that the …show more content…

He sings, "Then I won a hundred bucks on a scratch-off ticket / Bought two twelve-packs and a tank of gas with it." Here, Combs appeals to the listener's sense of joy and relief by describing the protagonist's sudden windfall. The simple act of winning a scratch-off ticket and buying beer and gas with the winnings creates a sense of happiness and freedom that is relatable to many listeners. "When It Rains It Pours" is a song that is rich in ethos. The personal experience of the songwriter, the use of humor, the simple language, and the humble tone all work together to create a powerful and effective message. By appealing to his credibility and trustworthiness, Luke Combs is able to create a sense of connection with his audience that is essential to the success of the song. Through his ethos, Combs is able to deliver a message of hope and positivity that resonates with his listeners and leaves a lasting

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