Social Workplace: A Psychological Analysis

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As a psychology major, I have always been interested in the mental processes of individuals. Another aspect that has always piqued my interest is why people act the way they do and make the decisions that they make. By working in the field of social work, I am given the chance to analyze the environmental influences on individuals' mental state and am more likely to gain insight to be able to answer that question. While assisting my clients I will be able to make them feel empowered, gain their independence, assist them in taking back their lives, and help them become functional members of society again. When speaking of nature versus nature, it is apparent that within studies, the biological aspect does play a role in who an individual is …show more content…

In the past, mental health was easily overlooked and not considered a real issue because it is not physically visible by others. We have since learned that it is a very real and prominent issue that needs to be dealt with. Whether by the means of medication, therapy, or simple acknowledgement and support for what the individual is going through, all of these means of rehabilitation play a role in recovery and improving an individual’s well-being. Educating the public about the signs of individuals who may be under mental distress or illness could increase the likelihood that an intervention could be put into place before they harm themselves or before they harm others. This has become particularly prevalent within the media when it comes to shootings. If mental health is taken seriously, the public can be educated effectively and steps can be taken to provide services to these individuals. Consequently, these kinds of acts of violence can be diminished. Furthermore, these individuals will get the help that they so desperately need but may not know where to start or are too afraid to ask due to the judgement of others. This could also help us, as social workers, come up with programs and services to provide to adolescents so that they might not be as strongly influenced by social …show more content…

I have taken the Introduction to Social Work course which has solidified my interest in the field. I have learned about the NASW Code of Ethics, the levels of macro, mezzo, and micro and the roles that a social worker takes on within each level, and what it truly means to be a social worker. A social worker is there to provide services and connections to their clients so that they have the skills and abilities to regain their lives and become a self-reliant individual while gaining worth and value as the human being they are. Being a part of the Social Work Club has given me opportunities such as attending Rally in the Valley as well as volunteer work. Attending Rally in the Valley in 2017 exposed me to a wide array of graduate programs for social work. This experience gave me the opportunity to attend presentations conducted by individuals working within the field that discussed the large variety of career paths that a degree in this field has to offer. Being a part of this club has also given me the chance to volunteer with the Radford Police Department, the global non-profit known as Fear 2 Freedom, and with the club’s own organized events throughout the community. Radford University's Master of Social Work program is the place for me due to their focus on community-based family practice. By attending this program, I will be educated on practice skills that I will implement

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