Rodman Philbrick's Freak The Great

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When have you ever been in a situation where all that you could do was hope for the best? Did you have hope for others or for yourself? Hope is like a dog that ran away. It starts out being lost and confused but once it gets found, you realize that everything will turn out fine. Think about it as if you missed school for a week because you were sick and you come back and realize that you forgot to get your absent work. When you ask your teacher for the work , they say it was up to you to get the work and you are too late for it. Your teacher then says to be prepared for the big test tomorrow. That’s when all your hope is lost. You get ready to go home and tell your parents to expect your grade to plummet because of the test. When you get home …show more content…

Would your hope still rise and fall like that if your friend or sibling was in that position. Rodman Philbrick created Max with all that hope. Max, the main character or protagonist of Freak the Mighty had hope that he would get away from his dad after he got kidnapped by him. He also had hope that Freak would be okay and get out of the hospital. Philbrick did not only write a meaningful book about hope and friendship but also made it a realistic, adventure novel. His novel entertained me but also made think about what hope truly is. Hope isn’t when when you think oh I’m too lazy to study but I hope I do alright on the test. Hope is when something bad happens to you and all you can do is think about when everything will be alright. Max started out the book being lonely and hopeless. He just accepted that he had a bad life and didn’t make an effort to make it any better. Then he met a real friend, Freak, and he found hope that he had a purpose in life. When the book ended Max had hope that he would turn out alright. Philbrick is trying to tell his readers that everyone has hope in their lives, they just need a true friend to help them find

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