What Is Mandatory Voting In America Essay

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While mandatory voting can violate an American's freedom of choice, the effects of it on the country would be helpful in many ways. Mandatory voting other known as compulsory voting is legal in 22 countries. But there is one country that doesn't follow--America. With mandatory voting, countries receive a greater amount of votes with increasing accuracy. If the United States incorporates mandatory voting in their current voting system, it will improve our country for the better politically, economically, and socially.
Voting, “a formal expression of opinion in response to a proposed decision, one given an indication of approval of disapproval of a proposal, motion of candidate for office.” Voting has been used since Ancient Greece. Paul Cartledge from BBC News states, “Power to the people, all the people, especially the poor majority, …show more content…

Men and Women over the legal age of eighteen can choose to take part in the election or not. All of the 50 states in America all add up to elect the next president. “It is a voting system that allows the disparate states to come together and elect a single president to represent them all” (Daily Telegraph, US Election Guide). Each one of the states receives electoral votes based on the population. On Election Day citizens vote in their designated polls. After all of each state's voting numbers are counted, they add up to 270. Whomever candidate reaches that amount of votes than they are declared the winner and the president-elect of the United States. Some might think America's way of voting is unfair, some might think it is fair “The U.S. Constitution doesn't allow for direct election of the President” (Mark VandeWettering). The system is based on citizens votes that ultimately determine which candidate receives the job as president of the United States. With mandatory voting approved by the government, there would be a larger voting margin learning for a further accurate

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