What Is The Difference Between Burr And Hamilton

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Emily DiGiovanni
US History 10
1 March, 2015
Aaron Burr vs Alexander Hamilton Duel

The duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton is one of the most fascinating stories in US History. Burr and Hamilton strongly disliked each other for many reasons. While both were a huge part in politics, they disagreed on almost everything. This was the start of the rival between these two men. Burr did have his reasons to duel against Hamilton, which he thought would regain his power, but in the end, ruined his reputation. The fight for honor and power was the biggest reason these two men went to Weehawken, NJ on July 11th, 1804 and drew pistols at one another to fight for their political lives. Burr was justified to take part in this duel, due to the unruling actions that Hamilton had taken to anger Burr and ruin his reputation. The very first clash that these two men came encounter with was at the Senate race in 1791. Aaron burr was running for the senate against Hamilton’s father-in-law. The outcome of this election was a victory for Burr. …show more content…

The electoral college came to a halt while making a selection for president, between Thomas Jefferson who was supposed to be running for president and Aaron Burr who was running for Vice-President. Having said that, there ended up being a tie between Jefferson and Burr. Since Hamilton was a big part of the politics at this time, he did all that he could to get people to vote for Jefferson, because of the hate he had towards Burr. Burr infact did end up losing this election and became the Vice-President, while Jefferson became president. This wasn't the only time Hamilton had ruined the chances for Burr in an election. In 1804, Burr was running for New York Governor and Hamilton battled against him, making him lose against his opponent. Burr was infuriated and Hamilton was just happy to see Burr deprived of an

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