What Is The Impact On The Trial Of The Chicago 7

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The verdict of the Trial of the Chicago 7 was manipulated by society through propaganda, technology, and bias.
The most impactful factor that influenced the verdict of the Trial of the Chicago 7 was propaganda. The Trial of the Chicago 7 was a battle fought mentally by the American people (Linder 1). While the case was focused on organized political protest and crime, the riot turned court case took place in 1968 and 1969 (Vile 2). On one August night, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Delinger, Rennie Davis, Lee Weiner, John Froines, and Bobby Seale gathered in Lincoln Park, in Central Chicago to protest the Democratic Convention (Linder 3) and the continued bloodshed in Vietnam (2). After resisting curfews, and creating angust …show more content…

As the war raged on in Vietnam, controversy grew in America. In the years onward from 1950, technology advanced and enabled everyday citizens to be able to own, operate, and observe nationwide news (Kratz 1). Described as “graphic and upsetting,” photos and videos captured on the battlefield were displayed on public news (“American” 1). The government censored all news from the press, and anything the military did not want disclosed to the public was hidden (Kratz 2). As the trial began many Americans began to chant the iconic phrase, “The whole world is watching” (McDowell 2). While this trial received awareness by the general public (Vile 1), the case itself developed into a true testament of “chaos and political theater” (McDowell 2). On the battlefield if the media wanted to publish information it had to be approved by the military (Kratz 2). At the same time, cameras were not allowed in the courtroom leading protesters to gather outside daily and use their own imaginations to construct images depicting scenes from inside the courtroom (McDowell 2). These images began to circulate to the public almost being used as early propaganda on media (McCarthy 10.04). All around America demonstrations took place after people were enticed by the media’s attracting lure of the Conspiracy trial (Schultz

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