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The composers of texts use the distinctively visual to convey their messages and ideas about society and the characters that comprise it. The distinctively visual aspects of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon directed by Ang Lee and Unforgotten written and illustrated by Tohby Riddle convey the composers’ messages of society’s perception of the human condition. Both Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Unforgotten offer similar perspectives of these messages. In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by Ang Lee, characterisation is used very specifically to create strong characters which represent different factions of society. Ang Lee’s choice of character for Li Mu Bai represents not only the good in a person, but in society, using Li Mu Bai’s language …show more content…

Li Mu Bai has recognised that it is has become corrupt and stays away from it, by doing so he does the right thing by the woman he loves, Yu Shu Lien, …show more content…

On the page where the angel is dropping from the park bench to the ground on its knees extra layers of shading and fog effects add to the dark tone of the story at that point in the plot where the angel is weakened and becoming almost a statute, by dropping to its knees it is signifying that it is giving up on life and praying to a higher power for assistance because an individual has no power for change as society as a whole is chaotic. In comparison to the sparsely used bright tones, like on the last group of pages which depict the angel flying away from the city and into the sky. The use of vivid blues for the sky adds to the sense of freedom that is trying to be conveyed on the angel’s behalf. Colour throughout the book creates and adds to the depressing then reviving message of the story that it is possible for our soul to be restored even after life and society has ruined us. Riddle tries to convey that if we focus our energy on what is right by others and are a good person at heart, an outside force will look after

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