What Is The Range Of Hrm Issues In Nursing

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Identify the range of human resource management issues that this case raises
- In order to have an effective workforce, human resource managers must plan and perform strategies that aim to attract, develop and retain staff. As nursing is becoming an ageing workforce, human resource managers are faced with the responsibility to retain these employees. Likewise, pressure on the health sector to retain nurses continues to grow with one third of students failing to complete their degrees. Therefore, human resource managers are encouraged to provide nurses with better wages and conditions in order to retain them for a longer period. This not only improves the term of employment for nurses but also motivates students to continue with their studies. Similarly, funding to improve training, education and career development …show more content…

This is beneficial in order to improve employment rate of nurses. Nursing work is challenging both physically and emotionally, managers should provide staffing with resources to help manage further stress on them and their families. With the profession being stereotyped as a women’s job, strategies to attract more male’s figures into the industry should be applied. Attracting a range of females and males will not only release pressure on the health sector but also break the gender stereotypes working as a nurse.
Although the actions of the nurses in the two state disputes were not protected actions, they were quite successful. Explore the reasons why you think this is the case.
- The Victorian nurses seek to improve wages by 14% over 4 years and decrease the nurse-to- patient ratio. The Victorian nurses were under a lot of pressure by the government, as they aimed to cut costs in health care system, by decreasing wages, increasing rostering and shift flexibility. As a result of these claims, the Victorian

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