What Is The Relationship Between George And Curley's Wife

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Tom Niedermaier Ms Gibbons English 10 ccr 6/4/2018 Of Mice and Men In the story of the book called Of Mice and Men, there are lots of characters. But the important ones are George, Lennie, Candy, Curley's, and Curley's wife. They didn't share Curley's wife name because they didn't want to. Curley’s wife is purty and known for her power to try to make her husband jealous. She tries to talk to everyone and George doesn't let him buy into that. George and Lennie are best friends in the book. George takes good care of Lennie because Lennie has something wrong with him. George says to lennie do not let Curley's wife try to get with you. All she wants is to make people jealous. So George and Lennie take a bus to this one place asking …show more content…

Well they proved him wrong. But this one time in the movie/book Curley son asks Lennie what are you doing here and Lennie does not answer because he does not like talking. So when George and Lennie had to get off the bus to get to the farm they had to walk 10 miles from where they where. That is why they were late on the first day because they could not get there fast enough. That is why Curley son wanted to fight Lennie and he did Lennie was bleeding a little bit but then he heard George say to him go get him Lennie and Lennie got Curley son right hand and grabbed it until it broke and bleed until he couldn't move it …show more content…

George said to Lennie that when we get our own farm you can tend the rabbits and feed them and they them out and all stuff like that. Well at the farm that they started to work at, Lennie see dogs and other animal but he sees one little white dog that he wants to pet. He is always around it and everything, so he decided to pet it like a normal human being would, but since Lennie is so big and have big hands and the dog is very small, he hurt the dog neck and killed it. George says to Lennie if you kill anything or get into trouble while we work there then you will not be able to tend the rabbits. Well George did not hear about it till the very end of the book. Lennie was hiding in the back corner of the barn with the little white dog in his hands and crying. The Curley’s wife comes in and asks what is wrongs and Lennie tells her and and also says dont tell George because if i get in trouble I will not be able to tend the

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