What Is The Relationship Between John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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How would you feel if someone you knew had a mental disability and depended on you for everything? John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men centers around two men living in California who work in fields bucking barley in what is assumed to be the 1920’s. Lennie has a mental disability and depends on his companion George for almost everything. Although George gives guidance to Lennie and tries to help him live a normal and happy life, George is more of an angry tyrant to Lennie. To begin, George can be called temperamental because he is often found getting mad with Lennie and yelling at him as if he is a child. In chapter one, George can be seen getting very angry and aggressive with Lennie because Lennie forgot something. George got so mad at Lennie that he could not keep his emotions inside of himself any longer. The narrator states that when George was furious with Lennie “George exploded” (Steinbeck 11). As early as page four,…show more content…
In chapter five, George was not trying to tell the other men not to kill Lennie because Lennie did not know any better. George does not want the other men to make Lennie scared, or cause him any pain. ‘’The poor bastard’s nuts. Don’t shoot ‘im. He di’nt know what he was doin’’” (98). This is just one instance where George is trying to protect Lennie. George just wants Lennie to be happy throughout his whole life. However, this does seem like George is trying ti protect Lennie, George wants to kill Lennie himself to be rid of all his problems. In chapter five, George agrees with Slim that Lennie should die. “’I know,’ said George ‘I know’ (97). George was agreeing with Slim that it would be betteri if Lennie were dead. This shows that George thought Lennie should die. George has said throughout the book that his life would be so much easier if Lennie was not in it. George found out a way to finally get rid of
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